Automation of verification of treatment parameters in radiation therapyper field timeout in radiation oncology - key to safe treatment delivery
Radiation safety; treatment parameters verification

Timeout and RTeye - safety of radiation treatment

It is generally accepted practice in Radiation Therapy to perform manual verification of each treatment field prior to delivery. Such verification is commonly referred to as per field time out and is performed either prior to every fraction or prior to the first fraction of each treatment phase. This time out is performed in addition to The Joint Commission time out, which verifies patient identity.

Per field time out is performed manually: one therapist reads parameters aloud from linac/MLC screen and another therapist verifies them against plan write up (on the treatment card), or, from the plan printout, either on the paper, or electronic, in the form of PDF document.

Our software, RTeye, which performs the electronic time out, automatically reads data from the linac screen and compares it to the data from the plan pdf printout. Parameters that are not available on linac screen, e.g. bolus or MLC segments, are conveniently highlighted for the therapist to check.

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Scheme of the workflow incorporating RTeye

Conventional EMR workflow is used with RTeye, except the plan printouts from the treatment planning system (TPS) are also stored for RTeye access.

Scheme of the workflow with the RTeye

Why automatic timeout?

  • Automatic timeout is not prone to human errors

  • Automatic timeout can be performed faster than the manual timeout

  • The therapist can focus on their direct duty, working with the patient, prior to and during treatment

  • Automatic timeout allows a single therapist to perform the verification of treatment parameters.