Radiation field time out automationRadiation safety and verification of treatment field parameters
patient safety timeout in radiation oncology

Automation of the time out

Here we describe the workflow of the automation of the timeout. Free of charge trial version of the software is available.

Treatment field timeout involves three steps: (1) extraction of information from the plan printout, (2) extraction of information from the linac screen and (3) comparison of the extracted information. These steps are elucidated below:

(1) Plan printouts from treatment planning system can be stored in an electronic format, e.g. PDF or postscript. For two commonly used treatment planning systems, Eclipse and Pinnacle, information in their PDF or postscript printouts is stored in form of text rather than as images, and is easily extracted.

(2) Information from the linac screen is extracted using video splitter and VGA2USB converter. Acquired image further requires character recognition.

(3) The plan and linac screen information are output to the computer screen and user is alerted if mismatch is observed. The software uses tolerance established by the clinic. The program also outputs auxiliary information, e.g. bolus, which is not well alerted by or can be omitted in the record and verify system.

Screencapture of the program is shown below:

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Patent application is submitted to the US Patent and Trademark Office. Any unauthorized use of the proposed method of timeout may be a violation of the US intellectual property law.