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Free trial

You can request a free trial of RTeye software. RTcheck, LLC will customize the software for you treatment planning system and provide the link to executable installation program. We will contact you shortly after submission of the form below. Alternatively, or if you have questions, please, feel free to send email to sergey dot kriminski at gmail dot com.

Please, note the following:
Disclaimer: RTcheck, LLC provides only the software, RTeye; the necessary hardware, namely, VGA splitter and VGA to USB converter should be bought separately. More information can be found on the page with the requirements. RTcheck, LLC has no commercial interest or any other relationship with the hardware manufacturers.

Also, please, note, that till October 1, 2012 we can only provide you with the research version of the software. Until then the software can not be used clinically.


Our program needs to be customized for your treatment planning system. For example, Eclipse can have different ID for the machine, beams and accessories. Additionally, the printout out of Eclipse can be customized.

In order to customize our program, we will ask you to send us samples of the treatment plans with all possible wedges, accessories, beams, and machine names. Tune up of RTeye for you TPS will be performed free of charge.

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